Dear Parent,

Is your teenager

  • Getting good grades?
  • Highly motivated?
  • Enjoying school?

We have helped thousands of teens excel in school and prepare for college. High school students know the value of education. That’s not the problem. Rather, years of mediocre results in school have convinced many teens that either they are not smart enough to get A’s or it would require superhuman effort. They don’t realize that doing homework the right way makes it quicker and easier to get A’s rather than B’s or even C’s.


In about 10 minutes, our free sample lesson will prove you can get A’s quicker and easier than B’s or even C’s, and it’s a lot more fun.

Dear Student,

  • Are you behind and lost in some subjects?
  • Are you frustrated that you remember so little after a whole day in school?
  • Do you procrastinate and get distracted?
  • Is studying for tests overwhelming?

We have coached thousands of teens to do better in school by working smarter, not harder. The key is how you do your homework: doing the right practice, knowing when to persevere and when to get help, and not just finishing an assignment but learning it.

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Testimonials from Students in Our Live and Online Courses

“Without this help our son would not have made it to college. After the course he studied for and passed the GED test, then went to college where he is doing well. He loved it..” G.S.

“I really liked the course. The main aspect I found comforting was that we could go at our own pace. It helped me rediscover my love of learning new things… I’m now at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, in the honors program.” A.S.

The big eye opener was overcoming procrastination, the one task I did very well…” T.M.

“Yes, I really enjoyed this course because it taught skills that I will use for the rest of my life. I also liked the layout. It was much more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be.” C.M.


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